Matt was born and raised in the Washington D.C. metro area. An avid reader from a young age (Matt would often fall asleep while reading a book so that it covered his face), Matt was fascinated by a breadth of topics that ranged widely. He made wide use of the free museums downtown. He was also using desktop computers by the time he was 3 years old (1986). Matt vividly remember playing Striker and Defender on an IBM XT 286. He became a lifelong gamer and tinkerer of technology

By 1992 Matt was writing short stories for fun and for class, while desperately trying to figure out puzzles in The Secret of Monkey Island. Then he was sweating over the sound card drivers behaving badly when playing Mechwarrior 2, before wrestling with printer drivers on his first Windows 95 machine.

Matt went to the University of Maryland with the intention of majoring in Computer Science. Soon the wonders of philosophy began to tug at him; abstraction, whimsy and pure logic were a ridiculous mental playground for him to frolic in.

He went through several versions of his career. Matt 1.0 was cold calling for Geico. Matt 2.0 contracted for the Department of Energy. Matt 2.5 was the IT manager of a museum exhibit design firm. Matt 3.0 lived and worked in Atlanta, GA for Teavana, one of the fastest growing retailers in the country. Now, the current iteration works for a Non-profit in DC and has been involved in Sharepoint administration, System Administration and project management.

In between builds, the Author mod has reared its head and results in two successful NaNoWriMo bids, and three full-length novels which are all in various stages of editing.

Tinkering with and troubleshooting computers has been his lifelong hobby, and writing fiction his passion. The dichotomy has made for a little confusion in life from time to time but life lies in our contradictions.