How to Learn

Step 1: Learn how to search

This is the single most important thing you can learn. I can not stress this enough.  If you can search, you can learn anything, because it allows you to find what you need to learn more.  It is the beginning of a positive feedback loop of epic proportions. This single step is more important than any of the proceeding ones by a very wide margin.  LEARN HOW TO SEARCH

Step 2: Learn the Feynman Technique
  1.  Take a blank sheet of paper and write the concept at the top
  2.  Write the idea down as though you’re explaining it to a new student / your mom
  3.  When you get stuck, go back to the source material until you CAN explain it on paper
  4.  Anytime you write a complex or wordy explanation, simplify or find an analogy and re-write it

Step 3: Use Spaced Repetition
Once you understand the principle you should download a spaced repetition application and use it every day you are studying something.
My personal recommendation is Anki or Mnemosyne

Step 4: Learn how to take notes
Find a note-taking system that suits your needs.  I have found the Cornell System works well in many circumstances but there are many others.  Use your newfound knowledge of HOW TO SEARCH to find a good note-taking system, or more instructions on note-taking methodologies.

Step 5: Learn to read for Information and Comprehension
Learn about deep reading.  A technique known as SQ3R is very helpful.  Learn it and practice it.  There are many ways to improve your reading to increase comprehension and understanding.  Again, use your newfound abilities from previous steps to accelerate your growth here.

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